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To inspire, spread joy and encourage people to shine their own unique light.


Posie Turner is a brand for those with big hearts and confident style. We are inspired by good words, soulful connections and distinctive design. We seek experiences that make our heart skip a beat. We appreciate quality, comfort and a modern aesthetic.

Each pair of Posie Turners is thoughtfully designed for those who want to feel stylish, courageous and inspired to be true to themselves.  We are excited for you to celebrate life’s moments in your Posie Turners. 

We believe in the power of a few good words. #posieturner


There are no rules to your life, except your own. Keep them loose and always trust your gut. Build a life fueled by your wildest dreams and lots of love. Live with an open mind, be spontaneous and surprise yourself every now and then. It’s never too late to make a change. Imagine what you can do with 3 seconds of courage and one powerful decision. Get to know your soul and feed it often. Believe in shooting stars, serendipity and the power of a smile. Love freely with your whole heart - we are all connected. Learn to surrender when the wave of your life pushes back. Have no fear! Your life is unfolding exactly as it should be. heart.png


From the day she was born, our founder Leslie had a thing for socks. She loves how they can be subtle or they can be bold, add a pop of color, make a statement or allow us to be a little weird. Her socks have always set the tone for her day.

Leslie’s favorite mantras have helped her to reach her goals and support her through tough times. As a kid, she would write motivating words on her shoes and "pee-chees," post her favorite fortune cookie messages on her bathroom mirror and design cards with inspirational messages for her friends and family.

She’s combined her two loves by stitching a unique mantra on every left foot of your Posie Turner socks - just like your own personal tattoo. Leslie and her two dogs, Kona and Toby, are excited to share these socks with you in hopes that your Posie Turners not only complement your unique style, but also inspire you to live your best life!