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We believe in the power of a few good words. We design socks for your soul intended to inspire and honor the magic in you.


Posie Turner is a brand for those with big hearts and confident style. Our socks are thoughtfully designed to make you feel good from the inside and out. We appreciate quality, comfort and a modern sensibility, and seek experiences that make our heart skip a beat. We are excited for you to celebrate life’s moments in your Posie Turners. 


Founder Leslie has had a lifelong love for socks and always trusted in the impact of words to reach for her dreams and fuel her through challenging times. Deciding which pair of socks to wear was always driven by her energy in that moment and set the tone for her day. It’s a simple, yet meaningful ritual that she wanted to elevate and share by stitching inspiring words on every pair of Posie Turners.

“We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but we’re all different and can make powerful choices in a moment. Choose to feel good. Choose to be fearless. Choose to be curious. Choose to be who you want to be."

"Having this opportunity to share a few good words with someone to remind them how special they are, that they are seen, supported and loved. This means everything to me. Everyone has their own magic to share with the world and we hope our socks inspire them to step into that." 

For more about Leslie and the story behind Posie Turner check out her interview at Women @ Forbes


Our feet are one of our body's primary energetic centers. They give us our first steps, guide us into new territory, provide the springs for us to jump and dance, and a solid platform to land. Across cultures, religion and spirituality, our feet are honored in ceremonies and rituals and known to be the source of sacred energy and grounding power through our foot chakras. They are blessed for their connection to our roots and Mother Earth.

In honor of our feet, we take great pride in producing a super premium sock, designed in Seattle with love and woven with care by people we admire and trust. We want you to feel comfortable and supported by a sock with integrity. 

Posie Turner socks are woven at a premier family-owned hosiery factory in Peru using the world’s finest cotton, Peruvian Pima Cotton. They are constructed on 200-needle knitting machines, the highest gauge available, with a 2-ply combed twisted yard. This knitting process results in a superior quality sock with a better fit, less piling, and a finer, softer finish. Our mantra socks also feature double cuffs, hand-linked seamless toes, and Y-stitched heels for comfort, elasticity and durability. 


There are no rules to your life, except your own. Keep them loose and always trust your gut. Build a life fueled by your wildest dreams and lots of love. Live with an open mind, be spontaneous and surprise yourself every now and then. It’s never too late to make a change. Imagine what you can do with 3 seconds of courage and one powerful decision. Get to know your soul and feed it often. Believe in shooting stars, serendipity and the power of a smile. Love freely with your whole heart - we are all connected. Learn to surrender when the wave of your life pushes back. Have no fear! Your life is unfolding exactly as it should be. heart.png