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Custom Gifts

Inspire your employees, top clients and teams with your own custom branded Posie Turner socks or a curated mix. Say thank you with our GOOD KARMA socks, fire up your DREAM BIG team and motivate your go-getter salesforce with our RAISE THE BAR socks.

You can gift with confidence with our luxury quality Peruvian Pima Cotton socks, designed in Seattle and woven in Peru.

  • Employee appreciation
  • Corporate event gifts
  • Client gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • Team gifts
  • Large group gifts
  • Company milestones

Group Discount (50 pairs or more)

Tier 1 Custom Socks (250 pair minimum)

* Add your company mantra to one of Posie Turner's existing styles.

Tier 2 Custom Socks (600 pair minimum)

* Add your mantra to one of Posie Turner's existing sock designs

* Apply your colors to Posie Turner design

* Custom co-branded sock wrap 

Tier 3 Custom Socks (1,200 pair minimum)

* Custom sock design

* Your mantra and colors

* Custom co-branded sock wrap

For pricing and more information, please email us at


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