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Custom Gifts

Inspire your employees, top clients and your teams with Posie Turner! We would be honored to brand your custom sock or assemble a mix of Posie Turners to help you communicate your appreciation, goodwill and gratitude. Say thank you with our GOOD KARMA socks, reward your CHANGE MAKERS for their progressive ideas or motivate your go-getter salesforce with our ALL IN socks.

You can gift with confidence with our luxury quality Peruvian Pima Cotton socks, designed in Seattle and woven in Peru.

  • Employee appreciation
  • Corporate event gifts
  • Client gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • Team gifts
  • Large group gifts
  • Company milestones

Group Discount (50 pairs or more)

Tier 1 Custom Socks (250 pair minimum)

* Add your company mantra to one of Posie Turner's existing styles.

Tier 2 Custom Socks (600 pair minimum)

* Add your mantra to one of Posie Turner's existing sock designs

* Apply your colors to Posie Turner design

* Custom co-branded sock wrap 

Tier 3 Custom Socks (1,200 pair minimum)

* Custom sock design

* Your mantra and colors

* Custom co-branded sock wrap

For pricing and more information, please email us at


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