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Take a moment to think about how your words have helped to shape your life experience.  

Remember how a strong YES or I LOVE YOU, I OWN IT or I BELIEVE created an instant connection, emotional shift, or a life change? Our leaders use words to inspire movements and social revolutions; our favorite poets and songwriters script beautiful sonnets and songs that are forever imprinted in our hearts and minds; our mantras guide us to inner peace and trust; our favorite tattered fortune cookie messages remind us about what’s important to us as we move through life.

As the authors of our language it makes sense how profound our words can be in shaping our lives -  especially considering how positive words have been shown to change the crystalline structure of water by Dr. Emoto and his now famous research findings.

Our words are our personal guides.

They are our inner voice, they influence how we show up, set the tone for our relationships, our actions and outcomes, our identities, and beliefs.

Posie Turner believes in the power of a few good words.

We trust in the impact of the little things that shape our lives. We are honored to have this opportunity to share a mantra or inspiring message or word stitched into your beautiful socks (like your own personal tattoo) to help you set your intentions for the life of your dreams and step into your magic every day.