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Magic Maker - Erica Gragg

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We are excited to introduce you to a thoughtful world traveler and Magic Maker, Erica Gragg! Erica successfully married her passions for travel and cultural connections with fitness and wellness, creating a unique and rewarding way to experience the world through her business Escape to Shape.

At Posie Turner, we are excited to shine a light on people who we admire and who illuminate the world around them. Inspire yourself. Inspire each other. Together, we are Posie Turner.

  • NAME: Erica Gragg
  • PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF LIFE: Owner/Founder/Chief Curator of Escape To Shape & Escape Artist
  • PAST LIFE? Co-owner/Founder of Amansala Bikini Boot Camp; Public Relations Executive at LVMH
  • FAVORITE DRINK? Daily: hot milk with a splash of coffee; sparkling water. For celebrations: St Germain with champagne, sparkling water & a twist of lemon.
  • FAVORITE MANTRA? I have three. *Find something in life that makes your soul sing… and then do it! *Practice gratitude, always. *Not all those who wander are lost- J.R.R. Tolkien
  • WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Being able to make a career out of something I am truly passionate about and that I love. Blurring the line between work and play.
  • WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF? Don’t worry too much about what other people think; follow your heart & trust your intuition.
  • IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE WISH COME TRUE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I feel very blessed as my life is rich and full just the way it is. Sure, there are things that would make it easier...give me instant gratification and there are always things to strive towards. But I am grateful for what I have. I often wish I could pick up foreign languages with greater ease - that would surely make my life easier!
  • WHO IS YOUR IDOL? It’s hard to choose just one, but I would have to say brave people who speak their truth and stand up for what they believe in despite the consequences. There are wonderful examples throughout history and literature, and most recently Malala - regular people doing extraordinary things. They are my heroes.
  • WHAT IS ONE THING YOUR FRIENDS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? I’m afraid of flying… although most of my friends know this already. It’s rather ironic given my career choice, but alas, it’s the truth.
  • WHERE DO YOU GO TO FIND INSPIRATION? Nature, absolutely. The mountains, the forest, the beach. I go outside.
  • IF YOU COULD MAKE ONE WISH FOR OUR WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Peace. It sounds so cliché, but the whole world needs it, collectively and individually. I also look forward to the day we eradicate hunger. No person should go hungry in this world. There is so much waste, so much excess, and I’m guilty of it as well, but there is also no excuse for it.
  • FAVORITE POSIE TURNER SOCK? It’s a tie - Feed Your Soul & Make Your Magic