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Magic Maker - Jamie Peha

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We are excited to introduce you to Magic Maker and wine and food aficionado, Jamie Michelle Peha! Jamie has been a light force in the Washington wine industry and founded some of Seattle's most loved wine and food events. 

At Posie Turner, we are honored to spotlight people who we admire and who illuminate the world around them. Inspire yourself. Inspire each other. 

Name: Jamie Michelle Peha

Life Work: President, Peha Promotions l Editor-in-Chief, TableTalk Northwest l Founder & Executive Producer, Seattle Wine and Food Experience Weekend

Past life? Marketing Director, Washington Wine Commission l Director of Sales Promotions & Events, Seattle Magazine & Seattle Business Magazine

Astrological sign? Virgo all the way

What are your favorite mantras? The only way out is through. Your mind makes the provision once you make the decision. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Do you have a favorite wine? Current favorite is anything Rhone related. In love with Grenache.

Where is your go to local dinner spot? I always love to dine at Trellis at the Heathman Hotel or I gotta say that I love a good Dick’s burger.

Where is your favorite wine/food destination? Locally I am in love with the Pike Place Market. Outside of the U.S. I love the Tuscany region of Italy - the food, the pace, the people, the wine, the art, the history. It’s all there. On my culinary trip list: Israel

What inspired you to get involved in the wine industry? I was in the restaurant business for many years and was around wine a lot. As I discovered marketing and events I fell into the Washington Wine Commission and there began my love affair with the wine industry overall.

What is one of the most memorable events you have helped to produce? The Seattle Wine and Food Experience Weekend and Taste Washington are the most memorable. Lamb Jam is pretty special too. Oh, my wedding was quite memorable as well!

What are you most proud of? I’m proud of my ability to help other people through difficult times. And I’m proud of my family heritage.

What advice would you give to your younger self? You are enough just as you are…and pay attention to grammar so you can write well.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? One wish, that is hard to do. Alleviate depression or find better solutions for living with it.

Who is your mentor? I have many women who inspire me. My mother who passed away a few years ago had an amazing positive spirit and she was my best cheerleader. Bette Midler - I just love her originality and how she is who she is, oh, and her talent of course!

What is one thing your friends would be surprised to know about you? I’m an open book, not sure I could surprise them. :)

Where do you go to find inspiration? I read a lot of quotes! Love listening to great speakers - that always fires me up! Nature - getting outside inspires me, walks and my dogs. A live theatre performance is inspiring. A great movie that has a personal victory in it. Brainstorming and connecting with like-minded people.

If you could make one wish for our world, what would it be? More equality, less violence.

What do you do for fun? Day trips and travel is way up there. Culinary adventures of all types. Cooking and dining with friends/family. I love movies and theatre, visiting farmers markets, browsing boutiques and shops, playing Mah Jongg or other games, taking fun classes, hanging out with girlfriends, wine tasting, and it goes on!

Favorite Posie Turner sock? Feed Your Soul

Do you have any events coming up? The big event for me is the Seattle Wine and Food Experience Weekend, February 2017.

Find Jamie here! Instagram @tabletalknw @seattlefoodwine