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Magic Maker - Heike Malakoff

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We are excited to introduce you to one of our heroes, breast cancer advocate and Magic Maker, Heike Malakoff! Heike turned one of the biggest challenges of her life into a beacon of inspiration and healing for others when she founded Check Your Boobies, now known as CanCan. CanCan recently merged with the Rivkin Center at Swedish Hospital and continues to host free breast education parties at private homes, workplaces and colleges campuses on the West Coast. In honor of Heike's efforts, Posie Turner designed a sock called YES YOU CAN to benefit CanCan. Check it out!

At Posie Turner, we are excited to shine a light on people who we admire and who illuminate the world around them. Inspire yourself. Inspire each other. Together, we are Posie Turner. If you wish to nominate a Magic Maker, please email 

Name: Heike Noriko Malakoff

Life Work: Director of Education and Marketing at Rivkin Center/CanCan

Past life? Founder and Executive Director of CanCan (formerly Check Your Boobies) Prekids – was cool and didn’t drive a minivan.

Astrological sign? Sagittarius. Bigger issue – married to Virgo

What is your favorite mantra? 1. Yes You Can. 2. Live for Today. 3. Shine Bright.

What is your favorite drink? At the moment it’s Hendricks Gin with cucumber and rosemary.

What inspired you to start CanCan? My breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 34 when all three of my kids were under 2 years old. I learned I wasn’t immortal.

Have you had a favorite moment at CanCan? Lot of favorite moments, but I would say every CanCan party I get to go to I hear stories that inspire me to keep doing this work.

What was the most important aspect of your healing from breast cancer? Family and Friends. And the best team of doctors.

How can people help to support your efforts at CanCan? Talk to your family about your family health history. Know your body. Host a CanCan party to educate yourself on ovarian and breast health. It’s easy and it’s free!

What advice would you give to your younger self? Behavior in your teens and 20’s can influence and affect you as an adult, specifically in terms of your health. i.e. wear sunscreen, exercise, diet etc.

What are you most proud of? Being able to spend every day doing what I’m most passionate about.. being a mom and wife and working on CanCan

Who is your idol or mentor? I have many, but I would say it’s all the women I get to meet who face a cancer diagnosis and the strength, resilience, grace with which they face it even if they are feeling that way.

What is one thing your friends would be surprised to know about you? I’m way more neurotic than I come across.

Where do you go to find inspiration? My three kids, Maia, Max, and Elias

If you could make one wish for our world, what would it be? “Peace, love, and understanding”…

What do you do for fun? Eat, drink, and hang out with friends.

Favorite Posie Turner sock? Yes You Can. Of course.

Do you have any events coming up? We have 50 CanCan parties coming up in the next two months. All opportunities to empower more women about being proactive about their health!

Find out more about Heike and CanCan here!