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Each pair of Posie Turner socks feature an empowering mantra, such as “just say yes,” “be fearless,” “no regrets,” and “take a chance.” Our words are carefully knitted into the left foot of each pair of Posie Turners – just like your own personal tattoo!

You may be wondering what inspired this design decision. We want your Posie Turners to be your own secret weapon – a source of encouragement to be your best and an accessory to celebrate your own unique style! Our mantras are intended to give you an extra dose of inspiration starting with the moment you pull on your socks. 

After all, magic happens in moments.

What are your favorite mantras and how do you use them? Do you post them on your computer or save them in your phone? What do you do with your favorite fortune cookie messages and birthday cards? 

We would love to hear from you to know what inspires you! Please share your favorite mantras with us on Twitter or Instagram using #posieturnermantra

Live your dream!

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