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Magic Maker - Teresa Shook

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On International Women's Day it's a sincere privilege to shine a spotlight on Teresa Shook, the Magic Maker and catalyst who inspired the Women's March on Washington, 662 sister marches and a movement that will transform our future. We admire Teresa for being bold, for using her voice, for taking action and asking for support in something she believes in. In honor of Teresa and her hometown team's continuing efforts, we are donating 10% of the proceeds of all RISE UP socks to the Women's March Hawaii. Check them out!

Current Life Experience: Continuing my work with Women’s March-Hawaii and the National Movement.

Past Life: Attorney; Teacher; Writer; Wanderer

First job: Waitress in a truck stop at the age of 14 :)

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Home State: Hawaii

Family: Two sons—one a chef in Bellevue, Washington and the other a musician in Austin and four granddaughters.

What inspired you to post your idea on Facebook about a Women’s March in Washington D.C.? I wanted to demonstrate the power women have when they come together in solidarity as a response to the misogynistic rhetoric of the current Administration and to stand up for equality for ALL people.

We understand you received 10,000 responses overnight. What was your expectation? I was just hoping for interest. The fact that over 5 million people across the world joined us still boggles my mind. It was indeed a life changing event for me and many people!

What feelings ran through your mind and body on the day of the Women’s March? My heart was full of love---the energy of love and solidarity—standing up for what was “right”—was palpable. It was epic.

What are you continuing to do to keep the energy of the Women’s March alive? I am working with our wonderful Women’s March-Hawaii team. We will continue to resist actions that compromise our existing rights. We will support our sister states in standing with them. We will reach out to legislators who can help turn the tide. We have “calls to action”. We will be hosting “Talk Story with Teresa Shook” events and much more.

Have you had a favorite moment since this started? I was honored by Maui County Council for inspiring a global movement that stood for justice and human rights. It was very special for me to be honored in my own community.

What are your goals for this movement? That we keep the rights we have and move on to leaders who can direct this country towards unification and be a nation that champions human rights and equality for all people. That we empower more women to become leaders.

How can our kids get involved? They can learn how our government works. They can make signs and host sign waving events. They can write post cards to Congress members about what they want to see happen. They can create artwork and have exhibits to fundraise for causes they support.

Do you feel like this was your calling? It’s taken a while for that message to sink in---but I think I was called.

Who is your idol or mentor? I had the same teacher for 4th and 5th grade. He always told me I could do great things and believed in me at a time in my life I needed someone to believe in me. He taught me to reach for the stars.

What is one thing your friends would be surprised to know about you? That I was quite mischievous growing up.

Where do you go to find inspiration? The ocean—when I swim in the ocean I feel connected to the universe.

Do you have a morning ritual? COFFEE and then a morning walk.

What is your favorite place in the world? Right here where I live in Hawaii.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? That the world figures out how to get it right---living in harmony with mother earth and its people.

Favorite mantra or inspirational quote? “The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing but in rising every time we fail” Nelson Mandela

Favorite Posie Turner sock? Rise Up

Where can people go to help support your cause? or email us at


Anything else you would like to share? #keepmarching #staystrong #togetherwecandothis

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